3 reasons to visit the Forum

5,000 participants will gather on October 27-28 in Moscow at Blockchain Life to share their experiences and insights, as well as find new business contacts in the most promising field of our time.

Why is it so important to visit the Forum this fall?
Here are the top 3 reasons.

1. The young sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is just beginning to develop.

This industry has incredible potential. The importance of the blockchain is comparable to the creation of the Internet and we are just at the very beginning of the road.
Crypto technologies are already developing very fast and providing tremendous opportunities for people. Almost every week we hear news about a new discovery in the sphere or about its new amazing record.

About 40% of users of the payment giant Mastercard from different countries said they plan to invest in cryptocurrency. At the same time, a survey of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange among Americans showed that 63% of them would like to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and 14% already own crypto savings.

Every day it becomes easier and safer to use cryptocurrency and the number of its active users is increasing.

2. Industry drivers will share the latest industry knowledge.

There is too much information now, and the sources are often unverified, especially in such a hype topic. If you search the Internet for articles on ways to make money in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you can find so much data that it is impossible to study them completely on your own.
Our speakers are those who know the industry from the inside and have been working in it for many years.

Trader and analyst Ton Vays, head of Binance in Russia Gleb Kostarev, CEO of Bitfury Russia Vadim Krutov, founder of Bits.Media Ivan Tikhonov, member of the expert council on blockchain technologies at the State Duma of Russia Maria Agranovskaya – this is just a small part of the specialists who will speak at Blockchain Life.

Everything that they are going to tell on the forum is insider information and backed up by huge experience.

3. One contact on the forum can change your life.

The main figures of the industry will gather together at the Forum. Here you can meet representatives of investment funds, miners, traders and owners of global companies.
At each forum, hundreds of deals are made, dozens of people find work, and many meet new partners and friends from among the participants.

Networking on Blockchain Life opens up tremendous opportunities and allows you to get as many contacts in two days as you would get in years in your everyday life.

After each Forum, we receive hundreds of letters about what results Blockchain Life is helping to achieve.

🔹 “With the help of Blockchain Life we ​​managed to reach 1000 downloads of the Alpha version of the application. We have found several projects and our technology will help them in further work – we are negotiating with potential partners. “

🔹 “For the fifth day now I have been thinking, what to write and to share? Since there is a lot of information, there are also a lot of thoughts and insights. At the last forum, my goal was active networking, this time I sat in the hall and listened to each speech and took notes. <…> We will also implement some things (ideas, insights) into our business. ”

🔹 “At the end of the forum, I was once again convinced that I had made the right decision: to study blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and to continue developing in this direction, which is becoming more and more relevant every day. Today, everyone no longer has time to think if there is a need to study blockchain and cryptocurrencies or not – we need to act ”

The Blockchain Life Forum is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a young and actively developing sphere, learn insights and practical recommendations from the main representatives of the industry and gather hundreds of business contacts that will change your life.

This chance should not be missed.

You can find out more about the types of tickets on the website.

See you on October 27-28 at the Music Media Dome!

Always with you,
Blockchain Life Team 2021

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