Innovations at Blockchain Life 2021

Master classes, a job fair, new speaking and networking formats, and much more. A review of our 6th Forum innovations.

Each Blockchain Life forum is unique: venues in different cities of the world, leading top speakers, hot topics and new networking formats.

Which new content will you find at the 6th international Forum on April 21-22 in Moscow?

New speaking formats

In order to make understanding of the material easier and to add variety, new formats will be added to traditional performances: live interviews, expert battles, master classes, and much more.

Updated version of Networking 2.0 (app)

Our Forum-exclusive platform has been built specifically with the purpose of finding new contacts. it will now include functionality of scheduling appointments. In the app, you can use special filters (trader, business owner, blockchain developer, investor, etc.) to find exactly the participants you need and start communicating directly using the platform. 

Access to the platform will be provided one month before the start of the forum for all participants who have purchased a ticket.

Extended Speed Networking Zone

For the second time, a separate area will be dedicated to the quick business dating section. In pairs, participants take their places at the tables, introduce themselves, and get acquainted with the other person. The allocated time for each session is 60 seconds. After a minute, the moderator gives a signal and people move to the next table. In just an hour of Speed Networking you can collect dozens of new contacts.

Career Fair

After many requests we organized a job fair from leading international companies. It will take place on the second day of the Forum. Each participant will have a unique opportunity to pass an initial job interview right there during the Forum and find a dream job in Russia or abroad.

The article will be updated in accordance with the changes in the event program if they should happen.

The number of participants is strictly limited.

Make sure to buy your ticket at the lowest price!

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