How to find partners in the crypto industry?

Preparation of participants for the Forum is in full swing, but Artur Firstov, Head of Sales at Mercuryo, gladly agreed to give an interview to the Blockchain Life Press Center.

Mercuryo creates crypto-based payment tools that enable companies to overcome the constraints that hinder their continued growth. Arthur shared how partner care and transparent communication helps Mercuryo build partnerships with industry leaders.

Arthur, the Mercuryo company, among other things, is known for partnerships with major players in the market – Binance, Bitfinex, LATOKEN, BTC-Alpha, OKEx and many others. What is the key to this success?

Before talking about successful partnerships, it is important to make sure that there is a well-organized interdepartmental interaction within your own company. Regular failures in internal processes will not allow providing quality service for partners.

Then tell us more about what cross-department communication looks like in Mercuryo.

Mercuryo is a set of complex IT products for different market segments, therefore the Development Department is one of the main in the company. In the Sales department we often ask for changes in products at the request of partners.

The Marketing Department assists the sales team by promoting the development of social media partnerships with market players. We organize marketing activities to stimulate the flow of users. A good example is the $ 50K promo with 1inch.io – more than 90% of the participants turned out to be new users.

Design Department creates graphic materials and helps us to shape the right image, to stand out from other companies in the market – and thus attract the attention of new business partners and end customers.

Integration of new business clients is handled by the Legal Department. It signs contracts and provides the team with all types of legal assistance – this is very important when connecting and managing clients.

Also, in order to find new growth points and help partners increase conversions, we analyze transaction flows. The Data Department works with this information.

The Finance Department helps us organize all work with financial instruments and fiat within the legal framework, as well as find the best solutions for accepting payments from partners.

The Business Development Department provides recommendations on how to connect new acquirers and partners, proposes a development strategy and shares the experience of interacting with colleagues from other fintech companies.

The Customer Experience Department and the Account Management Department are quick to communicate issues that could impact the partner’s service.

It is clear that it is not an easy task to achieve well-coordinated work of a team of 150 people. It is made easier by the desire of every Mercuryo employee to make a difference in the world of finance and a strong corporate culture.

Tell us about finding new partners. How does it work?

Many people consider social networks to be the scourge of our time, but in our country it is one of the main tools for finding new clients. Once everyone used thematic forums, now Twitter is driving the market.

Before the pandemic, we actively participated in conferences – this is a very important tool, we met almost all key partners there. Nothing beats live communication. It allows you to build trusting relationships and significantly speeds up the decision-making process. Blockchain forums and personal connections work wonders.

Cold selling is another channel that brings new customers to us. It is important for Mercuryo that partners are fully compliant with regulatory requirements. Therefore, we always conduct a preliminary analysis before submitting a cold offer.

We are open to work with any partners who want to use payment solutions – we partner with crypto-exchanges, wallets, DeFi projects, dApps, NFT.

And of course, we have a range of products for traditional companies looking to harness the power of crypto solutions. For example, tools for bulk payments and acquiring.

So, the picture is gradually emerging. Your focus is on the effectiveness of the internal structure and channels for finding partners. But why do companies end up choosing Mercuryo?

First, we have some of the lowest commissions on the market. This is important for the end customers of our B2B partners.

Second, our services have a unique yet easy-to-use interface.

We comply with regulatory requirements and can quickly integrate a new client. This is probably why we have won the trust of the most influential companies in the crypto industry – Binance, Trust Wallet and others.

What do you think your partners would highlight as the main value of working with Mercuryo?

Flexibility. We communicate with partners regularly and integrate new features upon request. The challenge is to take full responsibility for routine customer payment transactions. This will allow them to use the saved resources and time to grow their business.

Mercuryo is ahead of the competition, thanks in part to our venture partners at Target Global.

Mercuryo is a DIAMOND sponsor of the upcoming Forum. What do you expect from your participation in Blockchain Life?

We are participating not for the first time – Blockchain Life is the largest conference in the CIS, and we, as one of the key players in the market, cannot miss it. All our partners here are current or potential.

Here we met several future employees, by the way. Therefore, the expectations from the Forum are: to show yourself and to see others. And of course, find common ground with other participants and together change the financial and cryptocurrency market.

I propose to conclude our conversation by looking a little into the future. Today you talked a lot about the interaction within the team, about the developed corporate culture. Surely, your team is united by something more than just a workflow. What is the global purpose of Mercuryo?

Mercuryo strives to provide fast payment tools to all the leading players in the global market. The main ingredients for success: effective communication – regular, but not intrusive; great experience; decision making model based on data analysis; clear goals and healthy ambitions.

Being a pioneer is not easy, especially in the industry that has not been properly regulated in any country yet. We believe that with this approach, Mercuryo will become one of the leading players in the B2B payments market in the next 5-10 years.

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