How blockchain is changing the content market?

How blockchain technology is changing the content market? We decided to discuss this topic with MediaCoin CEO Sergey Sevantsyan.

The 21st century has become the heyday of the content market. Absolutely everyone now has access to its creation and distribution but most importantly, it is not so difficult to find an audience that will be interested in your content. Almost anyone can become an opinion leader, even a local one.

What do you think caused such success?

Of course the development of communication technology and social networks. Since the launch of all kinds of LiveJournal, Medium, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, people have felt the value that they bring to their audience and now they are monetizing it. But I want to note that becoming an opinion leader is just as difficult as in real life. We are talking only about those characters who have achieved success not only thanks to hard work, but also thanks to some gift from above – the ability to attract attention. A lot of people fail, and I see these examples all the time. This is how life works – you have to find yourself!

In this case, the question arises – what problems exist in the media content market today and how could blockchain technologies solve them?

You probably remember very well those times when singers and artists gathered thousands of audiences and everyone walked with a player, sang this music, and waited for the next concert of their idol in some city. Now all this has flowed online, and the choice has become a thousand times greater. But it has ceased to bring the income that was in the “old times”. Now everyone is chasing the attention of the client and spending fabulous sums on advertising, PR, bloggers – monetization is very difficult.

The crypto industry allows you to bring new colors to this area: Internet transactions not tied to banking services, now the trend is such a phenomenon as NFT, the next step will be the Metaverses. We break away from reality and begin to actually absorb information content without being tied to the material world. This is a new round of human development and getting emotions in a completely different environment. Digitalization has greatly changed and will continue to change Human as an Informational, not a Material being. Our feelings, thoughts, speech, visual perception are now moving into the information field, which was created literally half a century ago. The crypto industry is driving the progress of the world of finance. It is clear that this carries with it all aspects of life. Everything (so far) is tied to money.

We believe that the problem of content monetization has become the main incentive for the creation of the Mediacoin platform. Tell us what your product team proposes to improve the content market?

First, we open doors for people from other communities. We have found this opportunity and it inspires us to move on. The entire crypto community is screaming about mass adoption, but they are not on the scenes of the real sector. To attract new people, you need to find those who can bring them and who they will follow.

Mediacoin works with media professionals NOT from the crypto industry, but with real show business stars, athletes, fashion industry – with all those who have a large audience and who are ready to touch the world of crypto with the help of NFT, sell their services for crypto, to do a show in the Metaverse, which we are now preparing, who understand that Digital is with us for a very long time.

Can you describe in more detail how you see the success of your work? This does not mean the success of Mediacoin specifically but the desired outcome of all your work with the market and the community.

We are already seeing this success now – we have a huge queue of the most famous public people on the planet who would like to monetize their audience with our help, because we are moving very quickly and entering the market only with finished products. Marketplace, NFT marketplace is an already happened reality with dozens of cases and a large audience of visitors.

We’re working on a MediaVerse – but it’s not a product of the cartoonish pictures of the projects we see around. The entertainment industry (musicians, singers, athletes) requires the highest quality product from us – for us this is a real challenge and pride, so we first do it – then we go out to the public. We don’t believe in wet dreams. Only work, only hardcore.

So, are there any well-known media personalities already represented on your platform?

Certainly! Visit us at nft.mediacoin.inc – see for yourself!

Let’s talk about more global topics. The focus of the community right now is on the latest industry trend, the metaverse. And your roadmap also indicates that you are planning to launch your own metaverse this spring/summer. Many companies are planning to go into the metaverse – how will your project be fundamentally different? And what opportunities will it give your users?

We call our product MediaVerse – in fact, this is a digital space where the concerts of the Stars will be held. No one is surprised now by holding a conference in zoom, with VR glasses, with avatars. Stars always sell emotions and they must be of the highest quality.

In our Media Universe, we make a product that meets these requirements. It has its own know-how, which I can’t talk about yet, but we will definitely provide realism and visual presence as in reality. A person must DIVE into this environment and feel inside this process at least the same way as in real life. But it seems to me that we will be able to push the boundaries of reality and give an even greater range of sensations and emotions in the virtual world. We’ll all be there – trust me.

Remembering the popular directions of today’s industry development, in addition to the metaverses NFT comes to mind. We know that this technology is not the last place in your plans. You are launching your own marketplace, planning to issue collectible tokens and even create offline schools on cryptocurrency and NFT. What prospects for the development of this technology do you see now?

The NFT marketplace is already ready for us, it is in good demand and not only the crypto audience comes there, but also fans, followers of those media people whose collections are already on display and are selling very well. Of course, only for MC tokens (we have our own royalty interest in this), but the main thing is that we very subtly felt how to reach this audience, we spend our time, resources and knowledge on them to teach, show, tell how it works and what is with it make.

There is a lot of work here, and in fact we are also a kind of blockchain school, without which people would not have come to this crypto world. If you want to work with a new audience, be ready to train it.

Let’s talk about the upcoming forum. You are participating in Blockchain Life for the first time and have decided to start immediately with Diamond Sponsorship. Many newcomers to the forum approach this status only for the second or third participation. Why did you decide to start with this particular format?

I cannot call us “newbies” in this market. We have been in the industry for more than five years, we have seen EVERYTHING in our lifetime and have acquired enough media coverage and connections to attract world-class people with huge audiences. Of course, we need to declare ourselves on a grand scale – we have chosen this path. It won’t work for us otherwise.

And finally, we will traditionally ask about what the forum participants can expect at your stand? Have you planned any activities?

We will be on this forum with real STARS of the non-crypto world – meet us at Blockchain Life!

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