How does crypto protect people’s values?

The Blockchain Life Press Center and the CEO of Caiz Holding AG in Turkey & EMEA region Ali Cihan Kestir discussed how cryptocurrencies can add morality and honesty to the modern financial world.

The first thing our readership would like to know is the origins of your project. Why did the idea of creating a blockchain and cryptocurrency for the Islamic world come about? How strong is this demand among Muslims today?

Before Caiz AG Holding, the idea of money transfer globally within the split of a second was merely impossible for some of the countries. Transactions from one bank to another often took 2-3 days. There is a saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” so the idea of fast, fair, and transparent transactions worldwide, financial rewards, and letting people feel secure about their transactions and personal data was initiated by Caiz AG Holding and it ignited the idea of establishing the First Islamic Compliant blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their constant efforts and genuine concerns towards creating a better life for everyone increased the demand for it by everyone all around the globe.

What makes cryptocurrency and blockchain Islam compliant?

If we describe Caiz AG Holding in one word, it is all about support-driven for humanity. Caizcoin is supported by Caiz Holding AG, a corporation run by a group of individuals who constantly monitor the system to ensure it is running smoothly and properly.
Caiz AG Holding believes in helping others and lifting groups’ initiatives that can’t manage to have social and economic values.

Caizcoin provides economic-friendly transaction costs for international transactions, making it easier for everyone to conduct transactions while saving money.
Caizchain has an unbreakable security system to protect users’ personal information. The platform also supports 2-factor authentication.
Caizcare allows you to donate to help the poor and conserve nature simply.
An Islamic department monitors every activity performed by Caiz Holding AG to ensure justice, helping Caiz Holding AG operate incredibly well.

The benefits of Caizcoin seem to be attractive for a lot of different people. Can a non-Muslim use Caizcoin?

The motive behind Caizcoin was to help humanity; therefore, it is racism-free. Anyone who wants to make smooth seamless transactions should choose Caizcoin as it performs transactions with the highest security and fairness, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or culture.

We know that Caizcoin runs on its own blockchain. What is the name of it and what advantages does it offer?

CaizChain is our own decentralized private blockchain network, which was established in 2020. It operates in accordance with Islamic norms and laws.
High security, affordable fees, privacy, and maximum speed are a few of the benefits of this blockchain. Each ledger can process 3000 transactions per second, and a new ledger is generated every 5 seconds. The time it takes to complete each transaction varies between 0 and 3 seconds.

Comparing with other market players – what makes Caizcoin special?

Transaction users can benefit from transaction speeds ranging from 0 to 3 seconds carrying 3000 transaction per sec.
Caizcoin enables you to conduct transactions internationally in record time and for a very low fee.
Caizchain is outfitted with an unbreakable security system that employs encryption technology to keep users’ data safe. Two-factor authentication is available on the platform.
Caizcoin complies with Islamic law, and there is no extra interest or fees charged on transactions with sellers. It employs a fusion of centralization and decentralization to maximize user security and potential benefits.

There has to be a huge team behind Caizcoin. Please, tell us more about the people working on this project.

Caizcoin has ten offices worldwide, including Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Lithuania, Bulgaria, India, and Pakistan.
This project results from the hard effort and assistance of many individuals, including our marketing team, management, business developers, IT team, and lawyers, among others.

Let’s talk about the prospects of Caizcoin. What is your mission for the future?

Caizcoin aims to create innovative financial solutions that enable everyone to participate in today’s financial world while adhering to Islamic values.
Our goal is to give every investor, holder, and ordinary citizen a fair and just financial system.

At what stage is the project now? What plans do you have for the further development of Caizcoin?

After considerable development and testing, we are now in pre-sale and prepared to be listed on the global market.
Soon, we hope to list on significant cryptocurrency exchanges.
We are excited to launch our blockchain caizchain, caizscan, caizwallet, Caiz’s API, App, and our own bank, CaizBank, to provide users with a mix of centralization and decentralization to achieve maximum efficiency.

At this important point Caizcoin becomes the General Sponsor of the Blockchain Life Forum. Why did you choose our platform for promotion?

Blockchain Life 2021 is one of the world’s largest blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining events.
We chose to be the event’s General Sponsor because our major objective is to serve mankind, and we support people that give value to the world, thus DeFi and Crypto promotion is our responsibility.
The promotion of defi and cryptocurrency will benefit millions of individuals and solve hundreds of financial difficulties. Using high-security blockchain technology, we hope to increase awareness and help individuals in maximizing their savings while spending as little as possible.

This is an incredible feeling to know that our global objectives are pretty similar. And what are your goals for Blockchain Life?

Caiz AG Holding believes that collaborating with other businesses and sharing our kindness-driven, hyper-secure projects will revolutionize the notion of cryptocurrencies and that unity will help us achieve our long-term objective of healthy humankind.
Truly said by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.
At Blockchain Life we will get to know and interact with like-minded people, which will boost up the mutual idea of creating a better place to live.
We will also get the opportunity to meet face to face with potential investors to discuss various ideas, and work together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

And the last question to add a little intrigue – what should the Forum participants expect from your company at Blockchain Life?

The spark that ignited the idea of creating the world’s first Islamic compliant blockchain and cryptocurrency was to provide well-being to all humanity, and in order to do so, we have been and will continue to do everything we can as a company to make people’s lives easier by providing them with transparent services that will not only make their lives easier but will also earn their trust and continued support.

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