How to prepare for Blockchain Life?

So, you are about to visit the Blockchain Life cryptocurrency and mining forum for the first time.

There are so many things waiting for participants on the forum that usually beginners do not even know where to start. Speakers are presenting their speeches in the main hall and in parallel to this, an exhibition with a huge number of boothes is opened both days. How many people are on the forum? More than 6000! And each of them can become that very useful contact that will change your life. How not to get lost when you are in the epicenter of the crypto industry?

The whole secret is in preparation.

And in this article we decided to talk about what steps will allow you to get the most useful information, insiders and valuable contacts. Enjoy reading!

Start with the main thing – determine and write down for yourself the purpose of visiting the forum or questions that you want to be answered. This simple action will become your basis.

Then follow the checklist:

  1. Search the Internet for basic and related concepts on the topic. Understand, repeat and memorize them. This is necessary so that you can communicate freely with more experienced participants and understand the presentations of the speakers.
  2. Make your own plan for each day of the forum. To do this, it will be useful to study thematic sections and topics of individual speeches. Mark in the plan the time of visiting the conference hall, exhibition, studying projects and participating in networking. Remember that your plan should be built around your original goal.
  3. Examine the list of sponsors-exhibitors of the forum and the layout of stands on the map. Choose the companies you are interested in and write down their names. You can always chat with the teams at the booths and even get special offers from them.
  4. Register on the online platform for finding contacts and vacancies Networking 2.0. A letter with access to it is sent to each participant’s e-mail after buying a ticket. There you can find the person you are interested in using special filters (trader, investor, startup, speaker, and others). A convenient calendar is built into the platform, in which all scheduled meetings will be automatically marked. In addition, this platform hosts a Job Fair, where the largest crypto companies are looking for people to join their team for a variety of positions. Be sure to use this tool.
  5. Prepare business cards, or another way to convey information about you. Sometimes time counts down to seconds. A business card will allow a person to get to know you, even if there is no time to get to know each other.
  6. Think over your route to the venue of the forum. If you plan to come by car, the only way to park right next to the venue is to purchase a spot at the official Music Media Dome parking lot. Otherwise, the car will have to be left in the yards, a 20-minute walk from MMD. You can also get there by taxi or public transport. The nearest metro stations to MMD are Aviamotornaya and Ploshchad Ilyicha.
  7. If you have the opportunity, we advise you to visit the pre-registration for the forum, which will take place on April 19 at 18:00-22:00 at the Music Media Dome. You will be able to get your name badge and participant package in advance and you will not have to queue on the morning of April 20th. This is a great way to get on the court as early as possible and not miss anything.

Is there any dresscode at the Forum?

There is no strict dress code at the forum. Most of the participants come either in business style (jacket, suit) or casual style (jeans, shirt or T-shirt). Try to keep your clothes neat. Do not forget that people are greeted by their clothes.

Prepare for a lot of communication with strangers in order to collect the maximum number of contacts in 2 days of the forum. Tune in to a positive mood. By the way, there is a life hack. If you try to smile for a long time (more than a minute) – your mood improves and you start to smile sincerely.

As the founder of the forum Sergey Khitrov says: “One meeting at the forum can radically change your life”. After every Blockchain Life, we receive many real stories of participants about the forum that gave a powerful impetus to business development and rich food for thought.

Remember – all Forum participants strive to build up their network of contacts. Feel free to approach others and make acquaintances. You can start a dialogue with the following phrase “Good afternoon. My name is Alexey, I am a beginner trader. And what are you doing?”

After the forum, lay out your business cards and carefully study all the information you received. Write to those people who are interested in you.

By following this simple guide, you can recoup the cost of a ticket many times over in a few weeks or even in a matter of days. Moreover, you will have many new friends and vivid memories – and this is completely priceless.

And if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, you can do it here.

See you April 20-21 at the Music Media Dome!

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