Cryptogaming – how to make money while playing?

In anticipation of the forum and in the wake of increased interest in GameFi, we decided to talk with the CEO of Ertha – Linas Kiguolis. He spoke about this part of the industry, as well as about the metaverses, using the example of his project.

We are now seeing an explosion in the popularity of the metaverses. What is the reason?

I think that now people have begun to realize the real potential of video games. 15 years ago, the idea of ​​a game in which people can earn real value, whether it be money or skills, was more of a distant dream than a reality. Today, when blockchain technology has already become mainstream and access to game development has become easier, these real-world simulation ideas are becoming a reality.

What’s more, one of the reasons metaversive games are becoming so popular is because they allow everyone to be on the same playing field. People from disadvantaged countries are no longer bound by their real physical location. The Internet has already connected information on a global scale, now it’s time to take an even bigger step forward.

Do you think our everyday life will really be carried over into the metaverses? After all, despite the creation of the internet and the many ways to communicate on it, the need for face-to-face communication has not gone away.

I believe that if used correctly it will be a tool with huge benefits, but by no means a necessity. As with everything else in life, good balance and moderation are essential. People still have to take care of themselves physically. But if we learn to use the metaverse to our advantage, we all will benefit.

Can you reveal some of the most unusual uses for the Metaverse that ordinary people don’t know about?

In fact, there are several different ways to use the metaverses. Apart from more common uses like gaming and socializing, people also use them for education, research, and even work. For example, many companies are now starting to create their own meta versions for learning and development. This is a great way to simulate real life scenarios without the risk of things going wrong.

Metaverses, by the way, can also be used for scientific research. By creating models of various hypotheses, scientists can test them and see what happens. This is a great way to save time and money and get accurate results.

Let’s talk about a topic that is directly related to you – gaming. What prospects for the gaming industry do crypto technologies offer?

The introduction of crypto technologies into games is a big step forward for the entire industry. This not only gives players a new way to make money, but also opens up a whole world of possibilities for game developers. Thanks to blockchain technology, developers can now create truly global games without borders and restrictions. Players will be able to exchange assets, buy and sell in-game items and even earn real money from their gameplay. This is a huge step forward for the gaming industry and this is just the beginning.

Ertha project is a P2E metaverse. Tell us more about the history of the Ertha game world.

I have played various versions of MMORPGs, strategy games, even board and browser/text based games. And I was good at them.

But I never found a game where everything was as I imagined the ideal game – that’s why I started creating ERTHA. To have a game for myself and my friends – the way WE want it to be. It turned out I wasn’t the only one – a lot of people liked the concept and I’m very grateful for that. I believe that with the team that we have, we will create something revolutionary.

What is the gameplay?

ERTHA is a planet Earth simulator. ERTHA uses a unique concept that combines strategy, social game, MMO, RPG, Play2Earn and Play2Learn. I believe that It’s a huge idea that will usher in a whole new generation of games.

Time spent playing ERTHA is useful. Players will be able to get a lot of benefit and develop their skills while playing here. There are so many unique features we want to create! We will be able to offer our community constant updates and a continuously evolving world.

How is crypto technology used in the game?

We would like to highlight that Ertha is actually free to play because we want as many people as possible to be able to play the game around the world.

Its globe is divided into 350 thousand HEX land plots, which are NFTs that generate income for their owners. ERTHA is probably one of the few games where NFT lands have a pronounced dynamic that intertwines with the logic of the game. Income is earned in the form of our $ERTHA utility token.

How exactly can a player earn in the game?

As I said before, in the metaverse, players own land called HEX NFTs. The income of HEX depends on the transactions taking place inside it. If you manage to create a large community in it – no doubt it will be profitable in the long run. Land also appreciates in value over time and will be tradable on the free market when the full version of ERTHA is released.

You will be presenting your project at the Blockchain Life forum as a DIAMOND sponsor. Which audience will you target first? Is it new users of the metaverse or potential investors in the project?

Our target audience is anyone who is interested in games, cryptocurrencies and/or the future of the internet. We believe our product has something for everyone and we can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been working on. As for investors, we believe that our project is one of the most promising in the industry and we look forward to working with everyone who wants to help us make ERTHA a success.

Will Blockchain Life participants receive any bonuses in the game? Will it be possible to play Ertha on the forum?

Yes, we will be giving away some free HEX land plots to Blockchain Life participants. We encourage everyone to visit our booth where you can try out the beta version of the game – we look forward to seeing you all there. Thank you for your interest and see you on April 20-21 at Blockchain Life!

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