Precautions on Blockchain Life 2020

In order to make the Forum as safe as possible for each guest of Blockchain Life 2020, we have developed a special program that includes a number of measures aimed at taking care of the health of participants and visitors:

1. Safe distance

Music Media Dome allows us to accept the necessary flow of visitors to Blockchain Life 2020, taking into account the possibility of social distancing provided for by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.
The number of simultaneous visitors to the Forum will be monitored carefully.

That’s why the number of tickets on sale is strictly limited, do not delay the purchase of your own ticket since they may simply not remain.

2. Masks wearing and thermo screening 

Each visitor and participant will be provided with a set of personal protective equipment: a mask and gloves. Take care of yourself and do not neglect PPE on the Forum territory.

Body temperature will also be measured at the entrances to the Music Media Dome. Guests with a body temperature of more than 37’ will not be allowed to participate in Blockchain Life 2020.

3. Hand sanitizer

You can find and use hand sanitizer throughout the Forum area, easily accessible and at any time.  We advise you to remember to disinfect your hands as often as possible.  

4. Ventilation and air circulation

All rooms of the event are regularly ventilated – among other things, this provides a comfortable atmosphere for Blockchain Life 2020.  Music Media Dome ventilation systems also ensure proper air circulation throughout the event.

5. Disinfection of premises

Every day, before the opening of the Forum, complete disinfection of all premises, furniture and surfaces of the site will be carried out. A special disinfection service will secure and prepare every corner of the Blockchain Life 2020 forum for meeting guests.

Your health is our first priority.
We will take care of you so that nothing distracts your attention from the Forum.

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