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Is it possible to combine innovative financial solutions with the values ​​of individuals to give everyone a chance to participate in today’s financial world?

We know the answer and therefore present to you the first Islam compliant cryptocurrency – Caizcoin!

It is a distinctive, moral and unique Islamic financial concept of cryptocurrency.
The team behind Caizcoin has envisioned a platform that offers financial freedom to investors and breaks the territorial boundaries restraining them.

Caizcoin mission

Their mission is to introduce people to an efficient, decentralized blockchain in today’s volatile crypto space.

Since the advent of cryptocurrency in the second decade of the 21st century, it has become clear that it will hover in the financial horizons of present and future times. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the markets of finance. However, not every currency obtains a valuation and the reason for the failure is simply due to exploitation on behalf of the planners. Caizcoin has been introduced with the concept of real, intrinsic and certain user benefits. It has also included the excellent idea of Islamic Finance that provides it with an ethical backing. Additionally, it has abolished the concept of money-making and has been designed in the best interest of its investors and customers. The utilities of its tokens are excellent and with the secure payment system, a crypto player is put in complete charge of his assets and transactions.

Low fees and fast transactions

Just like the fees incurred while performing a bank transfer, cryptocurrency transactions require users to pay commission fees as well. This fee is handed to the miners, who offer the computing power to confirm the transmission, sale or conversion of cryptocurrencies and has to be paid by every user, for every transaction. It’s important to know that this transaction fee is often not as economic with some of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, costing around 4.42$ USD and 50 to 59$USD respectively. This is where Caizcoin and its cutting-edge technology steps in. It offers discounted transaction fees at 0.0099$ USD only, establishing itself as the most affordable and reliable coin in the cryptomarket.

Transaction per second is another significant aspect for determining the efficiency of a coin and cryptocurrencies today aim to increase it while keeping the transaction costs low. Caizcoin outperforms the competition once again, offering an average of 3000 transactions per second. While coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum can take anywhere between 10 – 20 minutes and 3-5 minutes respectively, users can enjoy an unprecedented speed of 0-3 seconds on Caizchain to process and confirm a transaction.

It ensures that transactions are executed, validated and confirmed with a lightning speed and users have to pay one of the lowest transaction fees as compared to any other platform.

Maximum security

The Caizcoin team has included transparency as one of its core principles. It has developed an incredible balance of openness, traceability and privacy that allows it to gain the trust of its users. Caizcoin is also filing the SEC S-q form to enable the users to look into its activities and performance. This information will provide investors with the opportunity to evaluate the platform quantitatively and make informed decisions. Through external integrity audits, it will secure the conviction of users and convey the understanding of risks involved during financial performances.

What’s about blockchain ledger? ​​
Ledger in simple words is a file that comprises all the records of transactions that occur in a company, organization, or network. A blockchain ledger is much more sophisticated than a traditional ledger, it uses intelligent computer technology to record and manage complex ledgers. Moreover, it is distributed and decentralized, which means the general ledger is constantly changing and with every new transaction, a fresh ledger is created plus there is no central authority governing it. The Caizchain ledger uses the same distributed and decentralized technology and cannot be corrupted under any scenario. It also utilizes advanced consensus protocol with enhanced security and carries out rapid settlements.

Also, Caizcoin uses a Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPoS) Consensus algorithm. It is not only energy efficient but also fast collaborative consensus. This Consensus mechanism guarantees that Caizchain is reliable and sufficient trust is built between nodes. It also allows anyone to participate in the network, justifying the decentralization aspect of the blockchain system.

Thus, Caizcoin revolutionizes the concept of virtual currency, bringing goodness and faithfulness to it.

For now, cryptocurrencies are still seen by some people as a volatile investment that is filled with risks and instability. Then probably, Caizcoin, with its unique approach, is devised to change this misconception?

That is why we are proud to see Caizcoin as the General sponsor of Blockchain Life 2021.
It means that you’ll get a chance to learn more about this unique project on October 27-28. You will not miss their stand located right in the center of the exhibition.

For more information about Caizcoin visit their site

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