We present our NFT collection

Blockchain Life NFT Collection 2021 is a series of 9 NFT ART tokens presented in a single copy on the Binance platform, dedicated to the main directions of the blockchain market development: decentralization, trading, mining, investments, as well as bitcoin and its founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

SEO Blockchain Life Sergey Khitrov and producer Olga Dvoretskaya are the creators of the Blockchain Life NFT Collection 2021 concept, timed to the 7th Blockchain Life International Forum.

8 Russian artists actively participating in NFT art exhibitions took part in the creation of art objects: OLEG SOROKO, Alexander Asterr, Misha Libertee, Daniil Zuev, Roman Bobkov, Anomalit Kate, Martisha, and Whispp.
The works of artists are in private collections of collectors from all over the world.

The authors of the works will take part in the Blockchain Life exhibition and will be able to give advice about the collection and the NFT market.

About the collection

ART tokens of Blockchain Life NFT Collection 2021 are created in a single copy and will be presented during the Blockchain Life forum.
You can buy them at the auction, which will take place on the days of the forum on the Binance platform.
Owners of digital paintings will be able to show them at exhibitions and festivals, on social networks, and also use them in marketing communications.

“We are the first major crypto forum in the world to release an exclusive NFT collection. The owner of NFT not only gets a work of a top artist, but also an access to the private Blockchain Life club.
In addition, NFT holders will have the largest discount on tickets and certain preferences in further forums”, says Sergey Khitrov, organizer of the Blockchain Life forum.

Purpose of the collection

Contribute to the development of the NFT culture and values ​​of the blockchain market that support modern principles of sustainable development of society.

The auction will last 3 days – from October 26 to October 29 on BINANCE NFT.

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