Networking 2.0 continues to evolve

Each Blockchain Life participant has access to the Networking 2.0 online platform for finding business contacts and vacancies.

Among the functionality of the platform, there is already the ability to search for the specialists using smart filters (trader, miner, etc.). In addition, you can chat and set appointments which will be displayed in your own schedule.

So, we have added a lot of new features for you.

1) Now speakers and sponsors will also register on the platform. They will get their own filter – which means you can easily find them and write to them.

2) We will add a random business dating mode (it will be similar to Tinder)

3) You can create your business card and share it with one click

In addition you will find many pleasant little things that you will see already while using the platform. Our next step will be the transformation of the platform into a full-fledged application for a smartphone. Networking will be more comfortable than ever!

The platform changes the lives of hundreds of people every year. For example, we received such a review about Networking 2.0 from one of the participants in the last forum.

“… on the past Mainnet 2021. And comparing with it,  your networking platform was about the same as theirs. And this was the main value of the events for me personally. Thanks to you I was able to meet people who may be investors in our project, thanks 😉 To be honest, I did not expect such a good response to my messages”

Become a member of Blockchain Life 2022 and discover new growth opportunities in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain!

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