We announce Blockchain Life Awards nominations

Soon you will be able to vote for the best drivers of the industry in the 7th largest independent Blockchain Life Awards! As before, we are organizing Awards using blockchain technologies with the help of our friends from Waves Enterprise. It will be impossible to fake the votes.

List of the Blockchain Life Awards 2022 nominations:

  1. Cryptocurrency media of the year
  2. Cryptocurrency exchange of the year
  3. Mining-project of the year
  4. Person of the year in the CIS crypto industry
  5. The best Telegram channel about cryptocurrencies
  6. The best YouTube channel about cryptocurrencies
  7. The best cryptocurrency trading service
  8. The best company implementing blockchain in real economy

Online voting will begin on August 25 on the website and will last until September 9. The awarding of the winners will take place on the main stage of the Blockchain Life Forum on September 15!

Remember that your vote contributes to the development of the industry, helps create competition in the market, and contributes to its growth.

Learn more information here.

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