Forum's new date is October 26-27. You need QR-code to enter the venue

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Blockchain Life 2021 visiting rules

The forum’s venue – Music Media Dome – has the status of a COVID-free zone. This is an obligatory requirement for all events in Moscow with more than 500 attendees. It is possible to hold a forum in the current conditions only if the requirements of COVID-free are met.

All of us – organizers, exhibitors, and guests – will have to comply with the rules for holding the forum and visiting the venue of such status. This format makes the forum safe for guests.

You can get a QR code if you took a PCR test in an organization connected to the UMIAS (Unified medical information and analytical system of the city of Moscow) system and received a negative result in the last 72 hours before the forum. 
The list of laboratories connected to the UMIAS system can be found by the link 

Read more about receiving a QR code on the Music Media Dome website

On October 26-27 at the entrance, you will need to present a ticket to the forum, a QR code and an identity document. 


It is impossible to visit the forum without presenting the QR code. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Yours sincerely,

Blockchain Life 2021 Team

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