April 21-22. Moscow. Music Media Dome

One of the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining events in the world





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The world's biggest offline forum in 2021

Blockchain Life 2021 is the main industry event of the year to take place in offline format. For 5 years the forum has been gathering more than 4000 participants in planet's blockchain capitals (Singapore, Moscow) and reconfirming its status as one of the most important events in the world.

The platform for professionals and beginners

The forum brings together global industry leaders and those just beginning to be interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Over the years the forum has become the main educational platform for a huge number of participants and a place where thousands of contracts were signed that influenced global industry development.

Safety concerns

This year forum participants' health and safety are our priority. Read more here about the measures we take to prevent coronavirus at the venue.


World's crypto industry
Meet CEOs of international companies and establish effective and fruitful cooperation with them. Discover all insights about 2021-2022's trends and new ways of earning at the stage, the expo zone, and in the lobby.
Business owners
Learn how to earn by investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Be the first to integrate blockchain into your business today and earn more.
Find out how to create every stage of your project, promote it and get the attention of investors by presenting your project with the help of  StartUp Pitch. Learn how to quickly list a token at world's biggest crypto exchanges and correctly manage token value.
Funds Investors
Get acquainted with the industry's most promising projects in the expo zone and during StartUp Pitch. Learn about the latest projects with the biggest ROI potential in 2021-2022.
Find out all the nuances of earning on mining in 2021-2022. Get advice from the world's mining companies and private miners. Inspect the latest equipment right at the exhibition.
Blockchain developers
Discover contemporary solutions. Individual developer? Find employers. Are you a developer collective? Find clients. Thousands of forum participants need blockchain-based solutions: personal acquaintances have a significant effect on their choice of contractors.
government officials and special guests
show agenda

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2021 Topics





  • Implementing blockchain technology in business: new Russian and international cases.
  • Blockchain and government: taxpayers' dream?
  • Types of blockchain and particularities of their application.
  • Blockchain's vulnerabilities .
  • Tokenisation in real estate (and other spheres).
  • Blockchain in the banking sector.
  • Tokenization of large companies.
  • Technology development prospects: 2021-2022.
  • And much more
  • Bitcoin. Will there be a rally at the end of 2021? The future of digital gold.
  • The DeFi hype. What happens next?
  • Cryptocurrency trading. Advice, tools and recommendations from leading Russian and world traders.
  • National cryptocurrencies. The race between states.
  • The impact of institutional investors on the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto industry's legislation in Russia in 2021-2022. Do we know everything?
  • Margin trading on cryptocurrency exchanges: need-to-knows and risks.
  • Analysis of popular altcoins.
  • Consequences of bitcoin halving.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets in 2021. How to store cryptocurrency safely?
  • The future of stablecoins.
  • Legal aspects of cryptocurrency circulation in Russia, CIS, and other countries.
  • Future of stablecoins.
  • And much more
  • 2021-2022 is a new era of mining.
  • Key mining profitability factors and parameters.
  • Choosing equipment in 2021. What to buy?
  • What to do with outdated equipment? Innovative developments in 2021-2022.
  •  Best countries and regions to use mining equipment.
  • The best manufacturers of mining equipment in 2021-2022.
  • New ways of mining prifitably.
  • Technological solutions for the mining industry.
  • The future of mining.
  • And much more.
  • Successful cryptocurrency startups: key features, success factors.
  • DeFi, the global trend. Case analysis.
  • ICO, IEO, STO, DeFi: where is the market heading next?
  • How can a startup attract funds and private investors?
  • The best countries to launch and register a blockchain startup.
  • Legal aspects of crowdfunding procedures.
  • How to place your token on an exchange and manage its value?
  • Project marketing in 2021. Which factors affect funding?
  • And much more.

Blockchain Life top speakers 2017-2020

Anatoly Aksakov
Deputy of State Duma
Anatolii Kaplan
Forklog Founder
Sergei Khitrov
Founder of Listing.Help and Jets.Capital
Ben Goertzel
CEO SingularityNET
Ian Balina
Founder and CEO of Token Metrics
Alex Reinhardt
CEO&Founder Platin Hero Crowdfunding Platform
Chris MMCrypto
Javier Sim
Co-founder Bithumb Global
Jorge Sebastiao
CTO of Huawei
Konstantin Goldstein
Svetlana Shubina
Business Development Manager at Kaspersky
Konstantin Klimenko
Sberbank Blockchain Laboratory Product Director
Eric Benz
CEO Changelly
Sergey Polonskiy
Owner of Mirax Group
Sergei Lukashkin
Director of Digital Transformation at VTB Bank
Artem Kalikhov
СРО Waves Enterprise
Felix Mago
Co-Founder of Dash Thailand
Roger Ver
Ella Zhang
Head of Binance Labs
Aldrich Victorino
International business development, OKEX
Tone Vays
Trader and analyst
Anatoly Radchenko
Trader, co-founder United Traders
Miko Matsumura
General Partner Gumi Ventures
Xinxi Wang
Litecoin Foundation Director
Tim Draper
Founder of Draper Associates and DFJ
Maria Stankevich
Head of Business Development and Communications at EXMO
Gerbert Shopnik
Business Development Director S7 TechLab

2021 speakers

Simultaneous translation from English is provided.
Translation from Russian into English is not provided.

Sergei Khitrov
Founder of Listing.Help and Jets.Capital
Gleb Kostarev
Binance Russia and CIS manager
Joe Petrowski
Technical Integrations Lead at Web3 Foundation
Konstantin Klimenko
Sberbank Blockchain Laboratory Product Director
Alexander Lebedev
Российский предприниматель и основатель Indefi Smartbank
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The list of Blockchain Life 2021 speakers is updated every week
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Forum's program

Show agenda

The agenda is preliminary


Registration of participants (receiving of badges), the exhibition is open to visitors


Opening ceremony. Welcome speech.

Sergei Khitrov
Listing.Help and Blockchain Life founder

Volumetric analysis as combination of objective tools for making decisions in trading and investments

Nikita Semov
Trader, Crypto Mentors founder
Daniil Sementsov

Pandora's box of liquidation mining

Nikita Ovchinnik

SectionDeFi and NFT trends in 2021

DeFi Challenges and Opportunities in 2021
Denis Smirnov
DeFi Yield Farming + NFT
Roman Kaufman
Co-founder Berezka DAO
NFT market overview: main trends, opportunities for to the moon
Alexander Belov
Coinstelegram Media & Coinstelegram Fund Co-founder

Integration of cryptocurrency mechanisms into the real world

Alexander Lebedev
Российский предприниматель и основатель Indefi Smartbank

Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining overview

Vadim Krutov
CEO Bitfury Russia

How to save a million dollars earned on cryptocurrency

Anatoly Radchenko
Trader, co-founder United Traders

SectionIndustry regulation in Russia, CIS, and Europe. New laws and initiatives. Law on DFA

Regulatory news and perspectives: risks and solutions. TsVSB. Stablecoins & FTP, DeFi and the financial market.
Maria Agranovskaya
Member of Expert Council on Digital Economy and Blockchain Technologies in the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Specific steps to regulate the cryptosphere
Sergei Khitrov
Listing.Help and Blockchain Life founder
Perspectives for regulation of digital currencies
Alexey Minaev
Deputy Director of the Department for Digital Economy Development, Ministry of Economic Development
Tokenized currencies of central and commercial banks
Oleg Abdrashitov
Директор лаборатории блокчейн «Сбер»
The importance of mining regulation for Russia
Igor Runets
Основатель BitRiver
Digital ruble. View of the Central Bank and the community.
Yurij Pripachkin
RACIB President
Scenarios for the development of global legislation on the regulation of the cryptoindustry
Alexander Treshchev
Russian attorney

Lunch (is included for VIP participants, takes place on the 2nd floor)



Rauan Khassan
VP of TradingView
Vitaly Kirpichev
TradingView Growth Director in Russia
Olga Dvoretskaya
Основатель ярмарки цифрового искусства и DAO RASSVET
Artem Anikin
Главный аналитик блога Trade_lab
Nikolay Zagvozdkin
Руководитель РБК-Крипто
Panel discussion

SectionReview of cryptocurrency market trends from leading international exchanges

Staking and farming or how to multiply your cryptocurrency
Sergei Khitrov
Listing.Help and Blockchain Life founder
NFT. Yesterday Today Tomorrow.
Gleb Kostarev
Binance Russia and CIS manager
What the GameStop story has taught us. What are the risks of major players in the DeFi market.
Anton Ananyev
Institutional Manager
Grab the Bull by the Horns
Igneus Terrenus
Head of Comms Bybit
To be CeFi vs DeFi - Understanding the Differences
Mariana Gospodinova
General Manager, Europe of
2021: the main predictions of the crypto market
Maria Stankevich
Head of Business Development and Communications at EXMO

Master classParadigms for developing smart contracts in the enterprise blockchain.

Denis Vasin
Projects Development Lead in Waves Enterprise
Master class
Prepared by

End of the first day of the forum

Job Fair

15+ companies are looking for


PR managers

SMM specialists


50+ vacancies

in one of the most promising areas

The venue

Moscow Music Media Dome

The largest media space on the planet. Included in the Guinness Book of Records (the world's largest projection screen/the world's largest video projection surface). Unique architecture and latest projection technologies make Music Media Dome a perfect venue to hold a forum at the highest level.

All participants are provided with a set of personal virus protective equipment.

Find out more about recommended hotels, the best places to visit in Moscow, and other information in the "Attendees" tab at the top.

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Forum's News

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Платформа Нетворкинг 2.0 открыта для участников

Действующие участники Blockchain Life 2021 получили доступ к усовершенствованной платформе по поиску полезных знакомств

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Ярмарка Вакансий на Blockchain Life 2021

Крупнейшие компании индустрии предоставят уникальный шанс найти работу в сфере криптовалют и блокчейна.

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1 апреля стартует Blockchain Life Awards 2021

Вы можете отдать свой голос нашим конкурсантам. Участниками стали такие компании как: DeCenter, Forklog, BitNovosti, Рбк Крипто, Bybit,, Bitfinex

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Извлеките максимум пользы от участия - прочитайте статью о том, как правильно подготовиться к главному событию года. Определите для себя желаемую цель...

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Innovations at Blockchain Life 2021

Master classes, a job fair, new speaking and networking formats, and much more. A review of our 6th Forum innovations. Each Blockchain Life forum is unique:...

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Anti-COVID-19 precautions on Blockchain Life 2021

To make the Forum as safe as possible for each guest, we have developed measures to take care of participants' and visitors' health: Safe distance Music...

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Bitcoin renews historical maximum

Today bitcoin renewed its historical maximum of $19 881! How high can it go in 2021? Let's keep tabs on Bitcoin with Blockchain Life 2021.

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Blockchain Life 2021 Dates Announced

On April 21-22, Moscow will host the largest live forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining — the 6th Blockchain Life 2021 The forum gathers more than...

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Blockchain Life 2020 собрал 3000+ участников

21-22 октября в Москве состоялось главное оффлайн событие года в индустрии - Blockchain Life 2020. Несмотря ни на что Форум посетили более 3000 участников

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Предрегистрация на форум 20 октября 2020

Дополнительно, во избежании очередей и скопления участников, мы открываем для вас предрегистрацию на Форум за день до начала события

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The application will be available for ticket-holders Standart, Business and VIP. When registering, each user will be asked to choose their occupation and...

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Премия Blockchain Life Awards 2020 перенесена

В связи с тем, что не все участники премии могут добраться до Форума в этом году и лично присутствовать на мероприятии, принято решение перенести премию

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Precautions on Blockchain Life 2020

In order to make the Forum as safe as possible for each guest of Blockchain Life 2020, we have developed a special program that includes a number of measures...

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До старта форума остается 1,5 месяца

Сегодня, указом мэра Москвы, в полном объеме возобновляется осуществление конгрессно-выставочной деятельности

Learn more

Crypto industry is legally recognized in Russia

The State Duma has approved a bill on digital assets after a long dialogue with the crypto community represented by the IDEO Association and market leaders....

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Индустрия доказывает право на существование

Президент IDEO Сергей Хитров призывает объединиться и показать  государственной власти полезность криптоиндустрии

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IDEO sent edits to legislation proposal on digital assets

IDEO association as an organizer of Blockchain Life forum addressed the State Duma with proposals to improve the draft law. The expert committee of IDEO...

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“Strategy 2020. Crisis, trading, Halving”

On April 22, crypto industry leaders gathered at a big webinar from Blockchain Life 2020 forum organizers. The main topic of the webinar was the current...

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Networking 2.0 is available for users

From April 1 to May 1, all Blockchain Life 2020 attendees will have access to a unique application for finding new contacts - Networking 2.0. Networking 2.0 is...

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Blockchain Life 2020 is postponed to October 21-22

Dear participants of Blockchain Life 2020! As you know, Blockchain Life is one of the world's largest industry events, which is annually attended by over 5000...

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Networking 2.0 at Blockchain Life 2020

Networking 2.0 is an application specifically developed for Blockchain Life 2020, designed to create business connections between forum participants. Each...

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Speed-Networking at Blockchain Life 2020

Every year Blockchain Life brings together thousands of businessmen, developers, miners, investors, startups and crypto enthusiasts who need to expand their...

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Blockchain Life Awards 2020 application acceptance

Apply before the 20th of March and become the participant of the 4th annual independent award in the field of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and startups....

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Blockchain Life 2020 preliminary program is now available

The forum’s program consists of insides from the World-leading crypto experts, 11 thematic sections, Speed-networking, a StartUp Pitch contest, and a...

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New level of Networking at Blockchain Life 2020

The main goal of Blockchain 2020 is uniting and developing the professional community. that’s why networking is one of the most important elements of this...

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The first-ever speed-networking is happening at the forum

Blockchain Life always strives to implement new formats into the Forum program. There is a new way of network establishment at the spring event — “Speed...

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Ian Balina at Blockchain Life 2020

This year one of the most anticipated moments of the forum is the exclusive speech of Ian Balina, a famous blogger, blockchain entrepreneur and world-known...

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Thematic sections of the forum are released

Blockchain Life 2020 discussion programme consists of 11 thematic sections: The blockchain technology. The implementation of blockchain in the business....

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Blockchain Life 2020 date is announced

Blockchain Life 2020 — the international forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Mining is welcoming over 5000 people on October 21-22. The key objectives of...

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4800+ participants attended Blockchain Life 2019

Global industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and startups' founders from 70 countries came together to discuss the current trends and determine the...

Learn more

Overview of Blockchain Life 2019

On October 17, the results of the Blockchain Life Awards nominations were announced on the main stage of the forum. The winners are: The best...

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” Forum is a powerful tool for solving tasks in one fell swoop”

The main host of significant events in Russia and the CIS and the moderator of the main hall of the forum, Yevgeny Romanenko, spoke about how to choose and...

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BLOCKCHAIN LIFE 2019 | Singapore





Organizers of the forum:

Listing Help - №1 Agency for the Listing on Crypto Exchanges

Leading Venture and Crypto fund

The International association for the development of digital economy

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