Forum in the world’s crypto capital

The international crypto event Blockchain Life 2022 takes place on November 28-29 in Dubai

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Blockchain Life 2022 gathered 7000 people!

Узнайте о главных итогах форума, который стал крупнейшим событием по блокчейну, криптовалютам и майнингу в мире.

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How blockchain is changing the content market?

Sergey Sevantsyan, CEO of MediaCoin, tells the Blockchain Life press center about content monetization.

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How to prepare for Blockchain Life?

A simple guide that will help you get the most out of the forum and remember this event forever.

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Cryptogaming – how to make money while playing?

We dive into the current industry trends with the CEO of the Ertha project, talking about the metaverses and GameFi.

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Forum pre-registration date announced

You can get a badge and a Blockchain Life 2022 participant package in advance so that you can skip the line to the forum on the morning of the 20th.

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Crypto will be legalized in the next six months

Summing up the press conference of the Blockchain Life speakers about the crypto industry in the new Russian reality.

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Press conference on the future of the industry

A discussion of the place of cryptocurrencies and mining in the new Russian reality will take place on April 4 at 11:00 in the RIA Novosti Press Center

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Blockchain Life Awards 2022 nominations

The largest independent award in the crypto industry will take place on April 21 at the Music Media Dome for the 6th time.

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How will Blockchain Life 2022 take place?

An official statement from the forum team about how current events will affect the upcoming event.

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Future of crypto in Russia. Speakers’ opinions.

The Blockchain Life press center took comments from the experts on the upcoming bill on cryptocurrencies.

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Networking 2.0 continues to evolve

The platform for expanding the network of business contacts and job search will reach a new level.

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Does CBR ban crypto in Russia? Don’t worry

What does the regulator offer and why should you not worry? Read more in the commentary of Blockchain Life founder Sergey Khitrov.

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New Blockchain Life will be held on April 20-21

The 8th Forum will take place in Moscow. More popular speakers and new stands at the exhibition are awaited.

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Express PCR tests at the Forum in 20 minutes

The work of the laboratory will be organized on the territory of the parking from 7:30 to 19:00 on October 26-27.

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The forum will be held on October 26-27

Due to the announcement of a lockdown in Moscow, the Forum is postponed. All purchased tickets and sponsorship packages are retained.

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We present our NFT collection

A series of 9 NFT ART tokens from Russian artists dedicated to the development of the industry will be auctioned on October 26-29.

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How does crypto protect people’s values?

Blockchain Life interview with CEO on how cryptocurrencies can add morality and honesty to the modern financial system.

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The General Sponsor of the Forum is here

Everything about unique Caizcoin project and its features for crypto users in our new article.

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Networking 2.0 is open for registration

A platform for finding new business contacts and searching for a job in the industry is waiting for you.

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Blockchain Life Awards 2021 Voting begins

Choose the best exchanges, NFT platforms, mining services and specialized media - they are wating for your votes.

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Blockchain Life 2021 visiting rules

October 27-28 the forum is held in the format of COVID-free zone. What does it mean and how to be prepared?

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How to find partners in the crypto industry?

The Head of Sales at Mercuryo shared how to build a payments business through partnerships with industry leaders.

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How is cryptocurrency mined in Russia?

Blockchain Life press center and Limcore CEO discussed private mining, the possibilities of the LIMC token and love for the country.

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Will Crypto Replace Fiat Money?

Huobi Global CEO gave an extensive interview to the Blockchain Life press center on the eve of the Forum.

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The last chance to get a place at the exhibition

93% of exhibition is occupied. Sold Out is coming!

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The long-awaited final video of the April Forum

On April 21-22, the 6th international forum Blockchain Life 2021 was held. Be sure to see how amazing it was!

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Announcement of the Blockchain Life Awards 2021

The largest independent award in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry returns this fall.

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Speed-networking at Blockchain Life 2021

The unique networking format will allow you to collect more than 50 new business acquaintances in 1 hour.

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Why is Blockchain Life AfterParty called legendary?

The famous final part of the Forum will begin on October 28 at 20:30. An incredible show, special guests and an additional 7 hours of networking await you.

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Cryptocurrencies: temporary hype or our future?

Review of the current state of the crypto market and its development prospects.

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3 reasons to visit the Forum

A unique opportunity to dive into a young and actively developing industry and learn insights from the main figures of the industry this fall.

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Cryptoindustry. The train hasn’t left.

A letter from the organizer of the Forum, Sergey Khitrov, answering the question - why the best time to enter the industry is now?

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How to get prepared for the forum?

A simple guide to help you get the most out of the Forum and remember this event forever.

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Blockchain Life 2021

27-28 октября в Москве состоится 7-ой Международный форум по блокчейну, криптовалютам и майнингу.

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Innovations at Blockchain Life 2021

Master classes, a job fair, new speaking and networking formats, and much more. A review of our 6th Forum innovations. Each Blockchain Life...

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Bitcoin renews historical maximum

Сегодня цена биткоина на некоторых биржах обновила исторический максимум!  Курс составил $19 881. 

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Blockchain Life 2021 Dates Announced

On April 21-22, Moscow will host the largest live forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining — the 6th Blockchain Life 2021

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The application will be available for ticket-holders Standart, Business and VIP. When registering, each user will be asked to choose their...

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Precautions on Blockchain Life 2020

In order to make the Forum as safe as possible for each guest of Blockchain Life 2020, we have developed a number of measures aimed at taking care of the heal

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Crypto industry is legally recognized in Russia

The State Duma has approved a bill on digital assets after a long dialogue with the crypto community represented by the IDEO Association and market leaders.

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IDEO sent edits to legislation proposal on digital assets

Организатор форума Blockchain Life - ассоциация IDEO, обратилась в Государственную Думу с предложениями по улучшению законопроекта.

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“Strategy 2020. Crisis, trading, Halving”

The leaders of the crypto industry took part in a large webinar from the organizers of the Blockchain Life forum

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Networking 2.0 is available for users

Действующие участники Blockchain Life 2020 получат доступ к приложению Нетворкинг 2.0, созданному для деловой коммуникации между гостями форума

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Blockchain Life 2020 is postponed to October 21-22

All purchased tickets, sponsorship packages and speaker line-up remain in place

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Networking 2.0 at Blockchain Life 2020

Networking 2.0 is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to find the right acquaintances without wasting any extra time

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Speed-Networking at Blockchain Life 2020

Speed-networking is a dozens of "fast" meetings, where everyone has the opportunity to talk about their business and get useful contacts

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Blockchain Life Awards 2020 application acceptance

Apply before the 20th of March and become the participant of the 4th annual independent award in the field of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and startups

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Blockchain Life 2020 preliminary program is now available

The forum’s program consists of insides from the World-leading crypto experts

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New level of Networking at Blockchain Life 2020

Attendees get access to Networking 2.0 application, Speed-networking and non-stop networking at the expo zone, vip-lounge, and the legendary AfterParty

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The first-ever speed-networking is happening at the forum

Participants are going to test brand new “Networking 2.0” — the improved format of strengthening professional relations

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Ian Balina at Blockchain Life 2020

The world-famous blogger and investor is giving a presentation on "The Future of Crypto Investments: Artificial Intelligence and Robo-Advisers"

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Thematic sections of the forum are released

Overall there are 11 sections at Blockchain Life 2020

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Blockchain Life 2020 date is announced

The 5th international forum takes place at a unique venue Music Media Dome

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4800+ participants attended Blockchain Life 2019

On October 16-17, the 4th International Blockchain Life 2019 became one of the largest and most significant events of the year

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Overview of Blockchain Life 2019

The winners in nominations are announced

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” Forum is a powerful tool for solving tasks in one fell swoop”

«Forum is a powerful tool for solving many tasks in one fell swoop»

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