Blockchain Life 2024 to Take Place in Dubai

The Blockchain Life 2024 forum returns to Dubai on October 22-23, bringing together 10,000+ attendees from 120 countries as the peak of bull run is coming.

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Blockchain Life Awards and Startup Pitch winners

On April 17, the winners of the largest industry award and the Startup Pitch competition were announced at Blockchain Life 2024.

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Private networking for forum attendees only

Learn more about the ultimate app for finding contacts and vacancies in the crypto industry.

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Blockchain Life 2024 thunderstruck in Dubai

Blockchain Life 2024 took place in Dubai and gathered 10,162 attendees despite the unprecedented storm.

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UMINERS Sets a New Record: Over 3500 Loyal Clients

After 7 years of dedicated work, UMINERS set numerous records, including an impressive milestone of over 3500 loyal clients.

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The New Frontier for WEB3: Real-World Assets

Discover how platforms are leveraging blockchain to tokenize assets, paving the way for enhanced liquidity and transparency in traditionally illiquid markets.

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The evolution of cryptocurrency mining

Dive into the fascinating journey of cryptocurrency mining equipment evolution, from CPUs to ASICs, and explore the prospects post Bitcoin halving.

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Dangers when buying cryptocurrencies

Read about risks associated with buying cryptocurrencies and how to navigate them effectively.

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How Can Companies Strengthen Market Positions?

Discover industry insights on how major companies enhance their market presence by offering a diverse range of services.

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Alan Walker to Headline Afterparty

Blockchain Life 2024 is proud to announce that international sensation Alan Walker will be headlining the official AfterParty of the Blockchain Life.

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Blockchain Life Week: we have never seen this before

For the first time in Blockchain Life history we announce Blockchain Life Week – an unbelievable week, filled with side networking parties and events.

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Blockchain Life 2023: Shaping Trends for the Upcoming Bull Run

Once again accompanied by the growth of BTC and a bunch of side events, Blockchain life 2023 took place in Dubai.

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Entering Mining Today: Risks and Rewards

In anticipation of the next bull run, JSBIT shares intriguing insights on strategies for efficient mining and promising equipment recommendations.

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UMINERS Sets Record: 200,000 Mining Devices in 5 Years

UMINERS Breaks Logistic Records. Discover how they managed to attain such impressive results.

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Mining Giants machines premiers

WhatsMiner and Canaan are to showcase their brand new innovative equipment at the Blockchain Life 2023.

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Crypto Winter: new opportunities for miners

UMINERS reveals insights on Crypto Winter's opportunities for miners and Blockchain Life 2023 preparations.

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Top Exchanges and Mining Giants to Meet at the Forum

Over 130 top industry companies await you at the Blockchain Life 2023 expo on October 24-25 in Dubai.

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99 reasons to visit Blockchain Life

Simple as that. We have collected just a few reasons to see the Crypto Event of the Year on April 15-16.

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First Movie Trailer in the World of Crypto and Web3

We are incredibly excited to share the official Trailer for Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai, scheduled for October 24-25.

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Blockchain Life 2023’s First Speaker Line-Up

The lineup of top industry leaders and innovators speaking at the 11th Blockchain Life 2023 forum has been announced.

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Guarding the Forum

Security Officer sheds some light on their role, shares useful tips for project analysis and reveals the most remarkable rejection.

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World Crypto Whales met in Dubai

4500 people from more than 100 countries gathered to shape the future of cryptocurrencies at the 10th Blockchain Life Forum.

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Mining market. Grays VS Whites.

Limitations faced by the mining industry: what do we have now, and what will happen next?

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We asked the CEO and founder of Uminers about the outcomes of the difficult period in the industry, and the goals for the upcoming Blockchain Life 2023.

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Trailer of the upcoming Forum is out now!

We've released the trailer of Blockchain Life 2023. The event will become the epochal one for the entire crypto industry. See for yourself!

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Forum in a smartphone

A platform for finding contacts and vacancies in the industry is available exclusively for Blockchain Life members.

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Более 5000 человек на Blockchain Life 2022

Despite the “crypto winter”, the forum has become the largest event on cryptocurrencies and mining in Europe, gathering together more than 5,000 participants.

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Форум в криптостолице мира

The international crypto event Blockchain Life 2023 takes place on February 27-28 in Dubai

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Blockchain Life 2022 собрал 7000 человек!

Learn about the main results of the largest event on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining in the world.

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