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Private networking for forum attendees only

Imagine that just by looking at a person at Blockchain Life 2023, you would already understand what he does, what he is ready to offer and what he is looking for. This would make your networking much more efficient. And we offer this opportunity exclusively for Blockchain Life 2023 attendees.

Networking 2.0 – a unique online platform similar to a social network. And it’s available for you.

  • Find the specialists you need among the forum attendees using smart filters (investor, miner, trader, businessman, developer and many others). You can also search for people by their name, company or country.

  • Communicate with the attendees in private chat.

  • Set the time and place of the meeting, which will be displayed in your personal calendar in the platform.

  • Create your own agenda, which includes scheduled meetings and speaker’s speeches.

  • Find a job in the international companies at the Vacancies section.

  • Learn more about the exhibitors and connect with their representatives right in Networking 2.0

  • Enjoy a Tinder-like random meetings based on the smart filters.

Every year, with the help of Networking 2.0, hundreds of people find partners, investors and recruit a team for projects. Literally one acquaintance on the platform can radically change your life.

Become an attendee of Blockchain Life 2023 and grow professionally in the crypto industry.

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