Blockchain Life Awards 2018

The biggest independent award in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Award Regulation

About the award

Blockchain Life Awards is the first independent award in the field of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO. The winners in the nominations are determined by open voting


  • The best Russian cryptocurrency media
  • The best centralized exchange
  • The best decentralized exchange
  • Best held ICO 2018
  • The most promising ICO 2018
  • The best Agency for ICO promotion
  • Best ICO Advisor
  • The best advertising network to promote crypto projects
  • Best Russian blockchain project
  • The best cryptocurrency blogger
  • Best telegram cryptocurrency channel in English
  • Best telegram cryptocurrency channel in Russian

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Application rules

1. Apply for participation until September 28.

2. After submitting your application, send detailed information about the company to the

3. If approved, you will need to fill out the form.


Course of the Award



The nomination of companies by the organizers of the Award, the processing of incoming applications



Online voting on the award website

November 8

Awarding the winners on the main stage of the Blockchain Life forum 2018

The purpose of the award

  • Representing the world's leading companies in various areas of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry
  • Consolidation of the global crypto community
  • Increasing the level of public confidence to the crypto industry
  • The popularization of blockchain and crypto industry
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