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best distributor of devices for mining

3Logic Group is a Russian multiproduct IT company, one of the largest distributors
of mining equipment in Russia and CIS. The company has dependable and long-
term partnership with the world’s leading manufactures. Company has been
successfully operating since 2003 on IT market, it’s included into the TOP of the
best Russian IT distributors.

Algorand is a self-sustaining blockchain-based decentralized network that supports a wide range of applications.

Avalanche is a blockchain platform for launching decentralized financial (DeFi) applications, financial assets, trading and other services.

Axie Infinity is a decentralized game created by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. In it, users breed and collect “axi” creatures. Allows thousands of players from Vietnam, the Philippines and other low-income countries to earn more than the average salary in their countries.

Bancor technology allows you to swap any available token in a non custodial way using any external wallet.

BeInCrypto is a news website founded in August 2018 that specializes in cryptographic technology, privacy, fintech, and the Internet — among other related topics. The primary goal of the website is to inject transparency into an industry rife with disingenuous reporting, unlabeled sponsored articles, and paid news masquerading as honest journalism.Though BeInCrypto is based in Hong Kong with an office in the United Kingdom, its management and journalists come from the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. As such, we consider ourselves to be a global news organization that is not affiliated with Hong Kong.

Our experienced and highly-qualified journalists hail from a variety of professional backgrounds but are united by a shared interest in distributed ledger technology, decentralization, privacy, and the roles technology will play in our future society.Every journalist and editor at BeInCrypto is committed to adhering to a strict set of journalistic principles and making the platform the most trustworthy news source in the entire industry.

Binance is the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Trusted by millions worldwide, the Binance platform is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money for users and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings, including: trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and more.

Binance dual-chain system allows you the freedom to build your own decentralized blockchain apps securely and without the need for an intermediary. Set up your account and get started!

Global mining project BitCluster offers competitive crypto mining solutions for existing mining companies and crypto investors. All our facilities have been operating in Russia since 2017.

The company provides comprehensive services for efficient mining, creates an infrastructure for placement and maintenance of mining equipment, sells devices.

BitCluster has a network of data centers in Russia, providing hosting for customers from all over the world.

BitCluster’s operating principles are built based on providing high excellence service with full customer transparency, and using a customer-centric approach.

Bitfinex is a digital token trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for traders and global liquidity providers. In addition to a suite of advanced trading features and charting tools, Bitfinex provides access to peer-to-peer financing, an OTC market and margin trading for a wide selection of digital tokens. Bitfinex’s strategy focuses on providing unparalleled support, tools, and innovation for experienced traders and liquidity providers around the world. Visit to learn more.

BitForex is a global cryptocurrency exchange, provides a wide range of digital currency trading services: spot trading (over 200 tokens), derivatives, DeFi, NFT trading zones, platform for IEOs and so on.

Company’s mission is to create a safe, professional, and convenient platform for users to be involved in the next financial generation.

BitLenta is the world’s most respected and very first Russian-language crypto community channel with the best people from the crypto world. Live communication of professionals. The squeeze of the most important. Most qualitative advertising. The luxury of being the first and the best since 2016.

BitNovosti is leading resource for Russian-speaking readers that cover blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and related topics: the history and internals of monetary systems operations, modern financial technologies (fintech), peer-to-peer networks, cypherpunk and the Austrian economy, copyright issues and freedom on the Internet, futurology and transhumanism. is the oldest newspaper in Russian blockchain industry. In 2021 project celebrated the first anniversary! forum – most known discussion board in Russian crypto community. The site offers comprehensive news feed about cryptocurrency world and qualified information articles for everyone interested in crypto and blockchain.

Established in March 2018, Bybit is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than 2 million registered users. Bybit strives to be the most reliable exchange for the emerging digital asset class. Derivatives, spot, cloud mining, DeFi mining and dual-mining are available for Bybit users with 24/7 multi-lingual customer support.


Celo is global payments infrastructure that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

Chilkoot is an official distributor of cryptocurrency mining equipment and supplier of equipment from Whatsminer, Avalonminer and Innosilicon brands.


# 1 channel about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance on Telegram.

On-chain decentralized exchange/liquidity provider for everyone, powered by the Proactive Market Making (PMM) algorithm.

Trade Perpetual Contracts with low fees, deep liquidity, and up to 25× more Buying Power.

EMCD is a global platform for secure investments in cryptocurrency mining. The ecosystem includes the largest mining pool in Western Europe as well as multiple services for investing, managing mining equipment, increasing efficiency, and more.

Fantom is a highly scalable blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications.

ForkLog is the leading Russian-speaking media about Bitcoin, blockchain and the digital economy with over 1 million readers. ForkLog has been working since 2014.

Foundation is a platform that aims to build a new creative economy—a world where creators can use the Ethereum blockchain to value their work in entirely new ways, and build stronger connections with their supporters.


FTX is a best-in-class crypto-asset exchange pioneering the next generation of financial products for a new breed of investors. Originally built by traders for traders, FTX services the full spectrum of investors from institutional to retail through a wide range of trading options that include industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products, and leveraged tokens. is one of the global top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with authentic trading volume.

Gitcoin is a platform where you get paid to work on open source software in Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Design, and more.

Harmony is a proof-of-stake blockchain that claims to process transactions in two seconds at a low cost.

Honeyswap is a decentralized exchange built on the xDai Chain, this enables users to experience fast and secure transactions with incredibly low fees.

Huobi Global is the world’s strongest cryptocurrency exchange focused on empowering financial freedom and creating new global wealth. It is in the top 3 trading platforms in terms of trading volume.
Huobi Global’s exchange infrastructure, operations and offerings are built on processes and standards that prioritize user safety and industry compliance.

IGTEC officially supplies equipment from Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon and Canaan. Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier with competitive prices and quality service. A wide range of ASIC miners, GPU farms and crypto wallets are always available in stock.

JustSwap is a TRON-based decentralized trading protocol for automated liquidity provision and an open financial market accessible to all.

KLAYswap extends the Klaytn DeFi ecosystem through liquidity pool-based KLAY, ETH, WBTC, USDT, ORC instant token swapping and liquidity mining.

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Launched in September 2017, KuCoin has grown into one of the most popular crypto exchanges and already has over 8 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world. As the home of crypto gems, KuCoin has supported over 420 projects with 800+ trading pairs.

Mdex is an automatic market-making decentralized exchange based on the concept of fund pools. It is similar in function to some DEXs on the market, but on this basis, it proposes and implements a dual-chain DEX model based on the Huobi Eco Chain and Ethereum . It combines the advantages of the low transaction fees of the Huobi Eco Chain and the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem, and supports the dual mining mechanism of liquidity and transactions.

Digital items marketplace to sell blockchain items

MYRIG is an innovation ecosystem for efficient mining. The company
provides a range of services for the sale of flagship ASIC miners with a
proprietary warranty, equipment colocation in the innovative data
centers and professional repair of mining equipment.

NEAR is a decentralized application platform that is secure enough to manage high value assets like money or identity and performant enough to make them useful for everyday people, putting the power of the Open Web in their hands.


OKx is a trusted crypto exchange that allows you to instantly buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more.

A peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items and crypto collectibles.

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn tokens.

A community-driven decentralized exchange for Avalanche and Ethereum assets with fast settlementlow transaction fees, and a democratic distribution–powered by Avalanche. Pangolin brings you the best trading opportunities to find and maximize your yield.

On-chain DEX with highly efficient liquidity provisioning and up to 10x leverage for makers and takers.

QuickSwap is a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum, powered by Polygon Network’s Layer 2 scalability infrastructure.

Create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain.

Serum is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and ecosystem that brings unprecedented speed and low transaction costs to decentralized finance

Solana is a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world. Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

Solve.Care is a healthcare platform company that is using blockchain in a highly innovative manner to decentralize, democratize and improve interactions and transactions between all nodes of healthcare for all stakeholders, which includes patients, doctors, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, policy makers, and benefit administrators, and so on.

Spooky utilizes the Fantom network to deliver top speed, security, and scalable transactions.

SuperRare is the digital art market on Ethereum.

SushiSwap is an automated market-making decentralized exchange currently on the Ethereum blockchain.

Terra is a blockchain protocol that uses fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-stable global payments systems.

TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet.

Uminers is the largest supplier of mining equipment. We provide universal digital platform for the crypto industry. As part of the Uasia Group with headquarters in Guangzhou, we have started operating in China since 2014. And regularly taking leading positions at international exhibitions and summits.

Uniswap is a protocol for decentralized token trading that allows to securely exchange Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens

VeChain has worked tirelessly to build the bridges between blockchain technology and the real world, empowering builders and lowering the barriers for businesses. VeChain has already been applied across a diverse array of use cases, creating values and efficiencies of corporations such as PwC, DNV, Walmart China, BMW and Bayer China.

Waves Enterprise is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform for building fault-tolerant digital infrastructures. Waves Enterprise is a one of the leading blockchain platforms in Russia, powering projects in many fields, such as a national e-voting system, credit management system and other solutions.

0x is important infrastructure for the emerging crypto economy and enables markets to be created that couldn’t have existed before. As more assets become tokenized, public blockchains provide the opportunity to establish a new financial stack that is more efficient, transparent, and equitable than any system in the past.

RBC-Crypto is a classic media about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Our idea is to help beginners and advanced users to better understand the world of digital money. Here you can find always fresh and exclusive news, analytical materials, comments from the most authoritative experts, podcasts, thematic videos and much more.

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