Crypto trading VS classic markets

Cryptocurrency trading attracts many traders with its opportunities to earn big money in a fairly short time compared to the classic markets....

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New crypto winter

The Blockchain Life team has a strong belief that now the industry is not only in crisis but is also being tested for maturity and strength....

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The crypto community will meet again

Blockchain Life 2022, the 9th International Cryptocurrency and Mining Forum, will be held in Moscow on 14-15 September. The event will bring...

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From words to deeds

The situation around cryptocurrency legislation in Russia is developing dynamically. At the autumn Blockchain Life forum the consideration of...

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Blockchain Life 2022 gathered 7000 people!

Moscow hosted the 8th international forum on cryptocurrencies and mining Blockchain Life 2022. The forum has become the largest event on...

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How blockchain is changing the content market?

How blockchain technology is changing the content market? We decided to discuss this topic with MediaCoin CEO Sergey Sevantsyan. The 21st...

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How to prepare for Blockchain Life?

So, you are about to visit the Blockchain Life cryptocurrency and mining forum for the first time. There are so many things waiting for...

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Cryptogaming – how to make money while playing?

In anticipation of the forum and in the wake of increased interest in GameFi, we decided to talk with the CEO of Ertha - Linas Kiguolis. He...

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Forum pre-registration date announced

Pre-registration for Blockchain Life 2022 will take place on April 19, 18:00-22:00 at the address: Moscow, Entuziastov highway 5/2 At...

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Crypto will be legalized in the next six months

On April 4, a press conference dedicated to the future of cryptocurrencies and mining in the new Russian reality was held at the Press Center of...

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Press conference on the future of the industry

Over the past month, the main cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum, have grown by 19% and 23%. This is several times higher than the growth of...

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Blockchain Life Awards 2022 nominations

Voting for the best companies in the industry will begin on April 1! It will take place as part of the 6th independent Blockchain Life Awards....

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How will Blockchain Life 2022 take place?

Dear friends, the situation in the world is tense right now and it affects all of us. Many people ask the question - how will the forum take...

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Future of crypto in Russia. Speakers’ opinions.

Today, February 18, 2022, a joint bill of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia will be...

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Networking 2.0 continues to evolve

Each Blockchain Life participant has access to the Networking 2.0 online platform for finding business contacts and vacancies. Among the...

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Does CBR ban crypto in Russia? Don’t worry

The entire information field is in full swing with discussions of the report of the Central Bank of Russia, in which the financial regulator...

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New Blockchain Life will be held on April 20-21

On April 20-21 in Moscow, at the Music Media Dome, the 8th international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining Blockchain Life will...

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Express PCR tests at the Forum in 20 minutes

Dear participants! As you already know, in order to get to the Forum, you need to have a negative PCR test or a vaccination certificate. You...

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The forum will be held on October 26-27

Dear forum participants! Yesterday, on October 21, quite unexpectedly for everyone, the Moscow government decided to announce a lockdown from...

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We present our NFT collection

Blockchain Life NFT Collection 2021 is a series of 9 NFT ART tokens presented in a single copy on the Binance platform, dedicated to the main...

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How does crypto protect people’s values?

The Blockchain Life Press Center and the CEO of Caiz Holding AG in Turkey & EMEA region Ali Cihan Kestir discussed how cryptocurrencies can...

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The General Sponsor of the Forum is here

Is it possible to combine innovative financial solutions with the values ​​of individuals to give everyone a chance to participate in today's...

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Networking 2.0 is open for registration

The link for accessing the platform for online networking and making appointments has already been sent to the mails of all participants in...

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Blockchain Life Awards 2021 Voting begins

The nominees are the best companies in their field. 🔹 Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Year (Bitfinex, FTX, Binance, KuCoin, Bitforex,...

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Blockchain Life 2021 visiting rules

The forum’s venue - Music Media Dome - has the status of a COVID-free zone. This is an obligatory requirement for all events in Moscow with more...

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How to find partners in the crypto industry?

Preparation of participants for the Forum is in full swing, but Artur Firstov, Head of Sales at Mercuryo, gladly agreed to give an interview to...

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How is cryptocurrency mined in Russia?

The press center of Blockchain Life and Limcore CEO Dmitry Shumaev discussed private mining, the possibilities of the LIMC token and love for...

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Will Crypto Replace Fiat Money?

On the eve of the Forum, we exclusively interviewed Huobi Global - Blockchain Life 2021 DIAMOND sponsor. Alphan Gogus, General Manager of Huobi...

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The last chance to get a place at the exhibition

A little less than 2 months are left before the Forum, and 93% of exhibition places have already been taken. Over 80 of the best crypto...

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The long-awaited final video of the April Forum

On April 21-22, the 6th international forum Blockchain Life 2021 was held in Moscow. 5,067 participants from all over the world gathered at the...

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Announcement of the Blockchain Life Awards 2021

The largest independent award in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry - the Blockchain Life Awards - returns this fall! This is the 5th...

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Speed-networking at Blockchain Life 2021

Blockchain Life offers several formats aimed at getting contacts and business acquaintances and one of them is Speed-networking. Speed...

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Why is Blockchain Life AfterParty called legendary?

Many representatives of the world crypto community know about the final part of the Forum. It is not like the other parties after conferences....

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Cryptocurrencies: temporary hype or our future?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have concentrated a lot of attention around themselves both from ordinary people and representatives...

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3 reasons to visit the Forum

5,000 participants will gather on October 27-28 in Moscow at Blockchain Life to share their experiences and insights, as well as find new...

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Cryptoindustry. The train hasn’t left.

On October 31, 2008, someone using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a document titled "Bitcoin: Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System." It...

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How to get prepared for the forum?

So, you are about to visit Blockchain Life 2021. How to get the most out of the Forum? The whole secret is in preliminary preparation. This is...

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Blockchain Life 2021

  The 7th International forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining — Blockchain Life 2021 — takes place on October 27-28 in Moscow,...

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Получите свой бейдж заранее

20 апреля с 18.00 до 22.00 для вас открыта предрегистрация на Форум. Вы сможете получить свой пакет участника без больших очередей.

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Платформа Нетворкинг 2.0 открыта для участников

Действующие участники Blockchain Life 2021 получили доступ к усовершенствованной платформе по поиску полезных знакомств

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Ярмарка Вакансий на Blockchain Life 2021

Крупнейшие компании индустрии предоставят уникальный шанс найти работу в сфере криптовалют и блокчейна.

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1 апреля стартует Blockchain Life Awards 2021

Вы можете отдать свой голос нашим конкурсантам. Участниками стали такие компании как: DeCenter, Forklog, BitNovosti, Рбк Крипто, Bybit,...

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Идете в первый раз на форум?

Извлеките максимум пользы от участия - прочитайте статью о том, как правильно подготовиться к главному событию года. Определите для себя...

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Innovations at Blockchain Life 2021

Master classes, a job fair, new speaking and networking formats, and much more. A review of our 6th Forum innovations. Each Blockchain Life...

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Bitcoin renews historical maximum

Today bitcoin renewed its historical maximum of $19 881! How high can it go in 2021? Let's keep tabs on Bitcoin with Blockchain Life 2021.

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Blockchain Life 2021 Dates Announced

On April 21-22, Moscow will host the largest live forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining — the 6th Blockchain Life 2021 The forum...

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Blockchain Life 2020 собрал 3000+ участников

21-22 октября в Москве состоялось главное оффлайн событие года в индустрии - Blockchain Life 2020. Несмотря ни на что Форум посетили более 3000...

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Предрегистрация на форум 20 октября 2020

Дополнительно, во избежании очередей и скопления участников, мы открываем для вас предрегистрацию на Форум за день до начала события

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The application will be available for ticket-holders Standart, Business and VIP. When registering, each user will be asked to choose their...

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Премия Blockchain Life Awards 2020 перенесена

В связи с тем, что не все участники премии могут добраться до Форума в этом году и лично присутствовать на мероприятии, принято решение...

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Precautions on Blockchain Life 2020

In order to make the Forum as safe as possible for each guest of Blockchain Life 2020, we have developed a special program that includes a...

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До старта форума остается 1,5 месяца

Сегодня, указом мэра Москвы, в полном объеме возобновляется осуществление конгрессно-выставочной деятельности

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Crypto industry is legally recognized in Russia

The State Duma has approved a bill on digital assets after a long dialogue with the crypto community represented by the IDEO Association and...

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Индустрия доказывает право на существование

Президент IDEO Сергей Хитров призывает объединиться и показать  государственной власти полезность криптоиндустрии

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IDEO sent edits to legislation proposal on digital assets

IDEO association as an organizer of Blockchain Life forum addressed the State Duma with proposals to improve the draft law. The expert committee...

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“Strategy 2020. Crisis, trading, Halving”

On April 22, crypto industry leaders gathered at a big webinar from Blockchain Life 2020 forum organizers. The main topic of the webinar was the...

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Networking 2.0 is available for users

From April 1 to May 1, all Blockchain Life 2020 attendees will have access to a unique application for finding new contacts - Networking 2.0....

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Blockchain Life 2020 is postponed to October 21-22

Dear participants of Blockchain Life 2020! As you know, Blockchain Life is one of the world's largest industry events, which is annually...

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Networking 2.0 at Blockchain Life 2020

Networking 2.0 is an application specifically developed for Blockchain Life 2020, designed to create business connections between forum...

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Speed-Networking at Blockchain Life 2020

Every year Blockchain Life brings together thousands of businessmen, developers, miners, investors, startups and crypto enthusiasts who need to...

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Blockchain Life Awards 2020 application acceptance

Apply before the 20th of March and become the participant of the 4th annual independent award in the field of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies,...

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Blockchain Life 2020 preliminary program is now available

The forum’s program consists of insides from the World-leading crypto experts, 11 thematic sections, Speed-networking, a StartUp Pitch contest,...

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New level of Networking at Blockchain Life 2020

The main goal of Blockchain 2020 is uniting and developing the professional community. that’s why networking is one of the most important...

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The first-ever speed-networking is happening at the forum

Blockchain Life always strives to implement new formats into the Forum program. There is a new way of network establishment at the spring event...

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Ian Balina at Blockchain Life 2020

This year one of the most anticipated moments of the forum is the exclusive speech of Ian Balina, a famous blogger, blockchain entrepreneur and...

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Thematic sections of the forum are released

Blockchain Life 2020 discussion programme consists of 11 thematic sections: The blockchain technology. The implementation of blockchain in the...

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Blockchain Life 2020 date is announced

Blockchain Life 2020 — the international forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Mining is welcoming over 5000 people on October 21-22. The key...

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4800+ participants attended Blockchain Life 2019

Global industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and startups' founders from 70 countries came together to discuss the current trends and...

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Overview of Blockchain Life 2019

On October 17, the results of the Blockchain Life Awards nominations were announced on the main stage of the forum. The winners are: The...

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” Forum is a powerful tool for solving tasks in one fell swoop”

The main host of significant events in Russia and the CIS and the moderator of the main hall of the forum, Yevgeny Romanenko, spoke about how to...

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