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99 reasons to visit Blockchain Life

Here we go!

  1. Meet crypto whales from 120 countries
  2. Shake hands with Justin Sun from TRON
  3. Witness the wonder amid the deserts – Dubai, the world’s capital of entertainment
  4. Get insider info from the world’s crypto market drivers
  5. Listen to crypto whales discussing coins
  6. Get introduced to the newest industry projects before everyone starts talking about them
  7. Find business support from the Dubai government
  8. See the incredible La Perle show in Dubai, created by the legendary Franco Dragone
  9. Ensure that Dubai is the world’s main crypto hub for the near future
  10. Attract investments to your startup from Dubai and international funds
  11. Get special offers on mining equipment and hosting directly from the leaders of the industry
  12. See live performances from leaders and innovators of the crypto industry
  13. Find out when the bull run will finally begin!
  14. Find out what will happen if thousands of crypto leaders meet at the Official AfterParty. 
  15. Find the one who is right for you, whether it’s a startup or a crypto whale
  16. Visit the crypto event that widely represents all spheres of the industry
  17. Learn how to trade smart with AI and automation
  18. Get a perspective on how funds choose the projects
  19. Find valuable contacts on the Networking 2.0 platform
  20. Learn about key industry trends in 2024-2025
  21. Set yourself up for success among 8000 like-minded people
  22. Join networking experience with attendees from various sectors of the crypto sphere
  23. Try out the Networking 2.0 random meeting mode – just like Tinder, but in crypto
  24. Try to count the booths at the expo and get lost after a hundred
  25. Return to the hotel after the first day of the Forum and realize that tomorrow will be even better
  26. Return to the hotel after the second day of the Forum and realize that there is still an AfterParty ahead
  27. Get on the plane home and realize that your ultimate goal is getting closer
  28.  Feel the pleasant fatigue after sorting through hundreds of business cards
  29.  Show up in the video of your favorite crypto blogger
  30.  Find out why GameFi is thriving despite the bear market
  31.  Meet the founders of major blockchain projects in person
  32. Enjoy premium food and drinks at all-inclusive AfterParty
  33. Find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange to play big
  34. See for yourself that only the coolest projects survive the bear market
  35.  Learn the ropes of building a successful mining strategy on fluctuating market
  36. Show your Instagram followers the view from Burj Khalifa
  37. Learn about new business models based on blockchain technologies
  38. Get to know market predictions from the representatives of leading industry exchanges
  39. Find developers for your blockchain project
  40. Chat with speakers in an informal setting of the VIP Lounge
  41. Find a dream job among dozens of vacancies from the industry leaders
  42. Discover all the opportunities of NFT
  43. Stay up-to-date and take part in one of the largest events on cryptocurrencies, mining and Web3
  44. Find valuable assets for your team
  45. Make your first step towards opening your business in Dubai – the crypto capital of the world
  46. Learn to trade and think like Tone Vays
  47. Make business connections in an informal setting at the legendary Afterparty
  48. Understand why Blockchain Life is a Forum, not a conference
  49. Take a picture in front of sports cars
  50. Take up crypto week challenge and visit all side events of the Forum
  51. Learn how to implement cryptocurrency payments in your business
  52. See for yourself how businesses in Dubai are doing. Make a first step with this video.
  53. Spend productive and enjoyable time with business colleagues and friends from other countries
  54. Find advisors for your business
  55. Find a business angel for your project
  56. Join the community of successful crypto entrepreneurs in Dubai
  57. Learn about the real state of metaverses
  58. Meet the world’s most famous crypto bloggers
  59. Visit a place with a high concentration of ideas and expertise right before the new bull run
  60. Hear a welcoming speech from the legendary Sergei Khitrov
  61. Find new crypto friends from different countries
  62. Be among the most progressive part of the crypto community
  63. Enjoy a chef’s lunch in the VIP Lounge
  64. Find your “unicorn” at the Startup Pitch
  65. Meet the most beautiful women in the crypto industry
  66. Find your Blockchain Love
  67. Start the day by the rooftop pool under the warm sun, and end it with a couple of successful deals
  68. Add one of the most spectacular and popular cities in the world to your Where-to-Go List
  69. Go on a camel ride in the desert after intense business meetings
  70. Get lost at the Forum and meet a representative of a venture fund
  71. Present your product on the expo stage of the Forum
  72. Shape the future with the most advanced people in the world
  73. Learn the difference between web3 and web 3.0
  74. Create cool media content for your crypto news channel
  75. Learn how to use water cooling systems for miners and help nature
  76. Collaborate with top crypto influencers
  77. Take the first step towards moving to Dubai
  78. Go on the coolest business trip if your work is already connected to crypto (your employer will pay for it, we promise)
  79. Get tons of likes and subscribers for another week after the end of the Forum
  80. Take a photo in front of your logo on the brand wall, as you are a media partner of Blockchain Life
  81. Share your experiences with colleagues from all across the world
  82. Give yourself the best gift – an investment in your future
  83. Enjoy a ride on luxury yachts in Dubai Marina
  84. Play golf on perfectly green fields in Dubai
  85. Mix up the women’s/men’s/gold carriage on the Dubai Metro and have a good laugh afterwards
  86. Negotiate profitable deals from the prestigious position of a Blockchain Life sponsor
  87. Meet people who know more than you do and reach new heights
  88. Become a sponsor of the Forum and present your project at Dubai’s largest exhibition in front of 8,000 people
  89. Be part of the crypto revolution in the heart of Dubai’s rapidly developing industry
  90. Get to know Blockchain Life participants one month before the forum on the Networking 2.0 platform and meet them in person on April 15-16
  91. Meet the representatives of Tier 1 funds
  92. Learn about advanced practices from other successful entrepreneurs and startup owners
  93. Experience the multicultural atmosphere of Dubai
  94. See yourself in the official photos and videos from the Forum
  95. Create vibrant memories that will stay with you for a lifetime
  96. Become a sponsor of water at Blockchain Life in Dubai, watching all 8,000 participants carry your company logo and ask for more
  97. Find out why we’re called Blockchain Life
  98. See the people who made this list face to face
  99. After all, spending two unforgettable days at the epicenter of the crypto industry is just as cool as it sounds

So what are you waiting for? 

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