November 28-29, Dubai, Atlantis The Palm

10th International Forum on blockchain, digital assets and mining





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Top crypto




Once a year

in Asia

Legendary crypto forum at the world’s centre

- The forum is created for industry professionals and those who are taking their first steps

- One phrase or acquaintance at the forum can change your life completely

Look how great it will be
#Smart contract
#Play to earn


Funds & Investors

Get acquainted with the industry's most promising projects at the expo and during StartUp Pitch. Learn about the latest projects with the biggest ROI potential in 2022-2023.


Find out how to create and develop a crypto startup. If you have one -  present it at StartUp Pitch to investors & funds.


Find out all the ways of earning by mining in 2022-2023. Meet international mining companies, check out the newest equipment at the expo and get the special offers on equipment or services.


Learn about the most effective trading strategies for 2022-2023. Meet professional traders and top exchanges from all over the world.  

Business owners

Learn how to earn money by investing in digital assets and blockchain projects.  

Blockchain developers

Discover recent solutions for blockchain development. Are you an individual developer? Find employers. Already have a team? Find clients.

Government officials

Be prepared for the upcoming changes in world crypto regulation: get insights from the politicians at the forum.


Start your crypto journey and dive into the global crypto community. This is the perfect first step of a great journey.

World's crypto industry

Meet CEOs of international companies and start new partnerships. Discover crypto trends and ways of earning money.

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2022 Topics


Digital assets



  • Implementation of blockchain technology in international business
  • Blockchain and government: taxpayer’s dream?
  • Types of blockchain platforms and their application features.
  • Risks and limitations of blockchain technologies.
  • Tokenization in real estate.
  • Blockchain in the banking sector. 
  • Technology development prospectives: 2022-2023. 
  • Opportunities and possibilities for cross-chain ecosystems.
  • Impact of blockchain technologies on the labor market.
  • And much more.
Digital assets
  • What are Tier1 crypto funds investing in for 2022-2023?
  • Altcoins. Which ones to choose for investments in the nearest future before they go to the moon.
  • Bitcoin cycles. What’s next?
  • Trading and investment. Advices, tools, and recommendations from leading traders and analysts from top funds.
  • Institutional investors' impact on the crypto industry.
  • Crypto industry legalisation. World practice in 2022-2023.
  • Futures contracts, options and margin trading on top exchanges.
  • Electronic wallets in 2022. How to store digital assets safely?
  • Legal aspects of digital assets circulation.
  • And much more.
  • Investing in mining as an alternative to investing in tokens.
  • Equipment placement: the best countries and regions.
  • Best manufacturers of mining equipment in 2022-2023.
  • Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake and other consensus algorithms.
  • Future of mining till 2030. What to expect in the nearest future?
  • Alternatives in the mining industry: green mining, mining on hard discs, etc. The future of mining.
  • Technological solutions for mining industry.
  • Venture investments in mining companies.
  • And much more.
  • Tokensales: how to invest, first steps.
  • Key features of successful crypto startups.
  • Global Move-to-earn trend: case analysis.
  • How can a startup attract funds and private investors? Legal aspects of the fees.
  • How to create a successful crypto fund. What to start with?
  • How to place your token on the exchange and manage its value?
  • Project marketing in 2022-2023. Which factors affect funding?
  • Perspectives and possibilities of DeFi cross-platform
  • Development of Play-to-earn and Metaverse directions. Symbiosis of the digital economy and the world of computer games. How to find and invest in the best projects in the most innovative areas?
  • And much more.

Blockchain Life Top speakers 2017-2022

Sergei Khitrov
Founder of Listing.Help and Blockchain Life
Tim Draper
Founder of Draper Associates and DFJ
Ben Goertzel
CEO SingularityNET
Ella Zhang
Head of Binance Labs
Tone Vays
Trader and analyst
Ian Balina
Founder and CEO of Token Metrics
Chris MMCrypto
Konstantin Goldstein
Aldrich Victorino
International business development, OKEX
Miko Matsumura
General Partner Gumi Ventures
Xinxi Wang
Litecoin Foundation Director
Mauvis Ledford
CTO at CoinMarketCap
Ben Zhou
Co-founder & CEO of Bybit
Arthur Wiseberg
Head of European Department at Apifiny
Mariana Gospodinova
General Manager, Europe of
Zhong Zhuang
CEO of
Bobby Ong
Co-Founder of CoinGecko
Jason Fang
Managing Partner Sora Ventures
Manmeet Singh
Cardano Foundation & EMURGO CIO
Vadim Krutov
Head of Strategy and Business Development, Bitfury Group

2022 speakers

The list of speakers is updated every week

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The list of Blockchain Life 2022 speakers will be published soon
Find out the keynote speakers first

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Forum's program

Individual speeches | Panel discussions | Live interviews

Top international speakers will present their insights and analytics

Global expo of crypto companies

Start new partnerships with international crypto companies and find useful services

StartUp Pitch

Innovative blockchain startups present their projects to Forum participants

Networking 2.0 | Smart networking platform

Filter attendees, schedule appoitments and communicate with others on our own networking platform.

The legendary crypto AfterParty

World famous crypto party takes place after the forum


Pre-registration of forum participants

Bitcoin as the basis of blockchain industry. Opinions, forecasts, ways of development.
Secrets of effective trading. Trading strategies and case analysis.
Review of market trends and tools from the leading exchanges and crypto funds.
Metaverses and Play-to-earn. New realities of the digital world.
Search for "unicorn". How to choose the right projects on token sales.
Crypto industry legislation. World practice in 2022-2023.
Mining in 2022-2023. Actual ways to maximize profits.
Implementation of blockchain technology in business and government processes. New cases and possibilities.

Forum's agenda is preliminary

08:00 Registration of participants / Issuance of badges / Exhibition opening
11:40 The cryptocurrency market in the first half of 2022. Part 1

Ivan Tikhonov
Dmitry Machikhin


14:30 The cryptocurrency market in the first half of 2022. Part 2
15:50 The features of effective mining in 2020. Current ways to maximize profits

Murodjon Khamraev
Alejandro De La Torre


Coffee Break

17:20 Legislation in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining. World practices in 2022


Secret Speaker

19:00 The end of the first day of the forum

The program of the forum is being formed.

09:00 Registration of participants / Issuance of badges / Exhibition opening
TBA CryptoJack
TBA Moon Carl
TBA Rauan Khassan
Management of large capital on the cryptocurrency market Armen Gevorgyan
Algorithmic trading
Igor Sydorenko
A new crypto market or a long-forgotten old crowd behavior Evgeny Loza
TBA Leonid Maloletov

Vit Jedlička, Liberland President



14:30 Blockchain startups: launch, advertising, work with funds and investors in 2022

Kyle Chasse
Alexey Khitrov
Evgeny Shelkonogov
Giacomo Arcaro
Mikhail Filippov

Chris MMCrypto


Coffee Break

17:00 Industry regulation in Russia, CIS and Europe. New bills and initiatives

El Petro — the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela Joselite Ramirez
Regulation in Kazakhstan Ruslan Ensebaev
Regulation in Russia Artem Koltsov
IDEO Sergei Khitrov
18:35 Announcement of Blockchain Life Awards and StartUp Pitch winners
18:45 The drawing prizes from sponsors
19:00 The closing ceremony of the forum
20:30-03:00 AfterParty (format: all-inclusive) оnly for VIP tickets

The program of the forum is being formed.

09:00 Registration of participants / Issuance of badges / Exhibition opening
10:30 Strategies of large investment funds in the cryptocurrency market in 2022. How to choose projects for investment?

StartUp Pitch



14:30 Technological solutions in the blockchain industry

Secret Speaker


Secret Speaker


Secret Speaker


Secret Speaker

19:00 The end of the first day of the forum
20:30-03:00 AfterParty (format: all-inclusive) оnly for VIP tickets

The program of the forum is being formed.

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Participant's bag with gifts from sponsors

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Access to VIP/Speaker Lounge

AfterParty on Luxury Yacht ("all included" format)

Final part of the forum. In an informal environment, you can meet the first people in the industry, find new friends and partners. Food and drinks are free this evening.

AfterParty on Luxury Yacht ("all included" format)
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