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Mining Giants machines premiers

Leading Mining companies WhatsMiner and Canaan are set to unveil their brand new mining machines at the Blockchain Life 2023 on October 24-25. The latest models from the firms, known for their pioneering work in the mining industry, are expected to generate significant interest from the industry.

Canaan is set to showcase new variations of their models, including the immersive-cooling Miner A1466l with specifications of 170T, 19.5J/T, as well as air-cooling Miner A1466 at 150T, 21.5J/T and others.

Attendees are also welcome to witness the unveiling of the new equipment from the WhatsMiner M60 series, whose characteristics are still being kept confidential.

Are you seeking to invest in advanced mining technology? See for yourself how WhatsMiner and Canaan continue to innovate and improve the efficiency of their machines to meet the growing demands of cryptocurrency mining.  

Join Blockchain Life 2023 to witness the debut of these cutting-edge machines:

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